LaunchBox is:

  • An engaging way to explore big philosophical questions through a Jewish lens.

  • An experiential, educational approach to create dialogue, meaning and promote critical thinking.

  • Great for families, classrooms, youth groups, camps, and retreats.

  • A lot of fun!


About LaunchBox

LaunchBox was initially developed with a grant from the Los Angeles Jewish Federation as the winner of The Next Big Jewish Idea contest. My goal is providing engaging ways, through games and other activities, for Jewish teens and young adults to explore important questions such as

  • How do good and evil work in this world?

  • What is the meaning of life?

  • Is it fate or free will?

  • What happens after this life?

  • What does "GD's is one" mean?

  • What is the secret to good relationships?

  • What are our responsibilities to our fellow Jews? To all humankind?  

Most LaunchBox elements come with a full lesson plan, including enduring understandings, a set induction activity and optional text study piece/s.